Thursday, August 23, 2007

Settled in Helsinki

Alright, alright... I've been terribly remiss in setting up this blog. I know!!!! However, those who know me know it's a HUGE accomplishment in-and-of itself that I even have a blog. Sometimes I feel like I'm (at least emotionally!) still stuck in the land of pegged jeans, John Hughes movies and BetaMax tapes. Scary stuff!

Just to bring everyone up to speed, I'm in Helsinki for the next five months doing research as a Fulbright Scholar. The purpose of my research is to examine the ways Finland has used housing policy and housing finance to stimulate macroeconomic growth from the end of World War II up to present day. I know! Zzzzzzzzzz. Well, to a person like me (who works in the field of affordable housing), this is exciting stuff. All that said, the purpose of this blog is not to recap my latest research discovery. Instead, I want to use this blog as a way of sharing all my observations about Finland, the culture, the landscape, and lots of other good stuff that accompanies living in a new place. So, I hope to provide lots of interesting tidbits for the folks back home. I also promise to upload some good photos, too.

So, stay tuned... same bat-time, same bat-channel! As they say, here in Finland, moi moi (read: bye-bye)!

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